The upcoming 30th Alberta Legislative Assembly will have fewer women sitting in the Chamber’s chairs than it did in 2018. 

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Jason Kenney’s Cabinet Appointments (April 30, 2019)


The Good News

All 11 provincial parties were represented by women candidates in electoral districts across Alberta.

The Bad News

6 of 87 electoral districts throughout Alberta did not have a single woman runningOf the 87 electoral districts in Alberta, 15 had equal numbers of men and women candidates and 7 had more women candidates than men.

By our count (2)

Shout out to the electoral districts of Edmonton-Rutherford and Edmonton-Strathcona for having the highest number (4) of women candidates in Edmonton.

Even though women make up half of Alberta’s population, just 31 percent will make up the legislature. And although parity was our goal, we are deeply proud of all the women who campaigned: win or lose, they have made it easier for other women to consider running. The simple decision to run opened up possibilities and created role models for all women to follow in the future.

To all 36 women candidates in YEG: Thank you for running for office!