The Founders Fund aims to recruit 100 people to donate at least $100 to help start ParityYEG. 

Here’s why you should become a member of the ParityYEG Founders Fund:

  • The fund will support ParityYEG to build a website for women to access resources and a local network of support, host our first campaign school, and cover other startup costs.
  • As a Founder, you’ll get access to timely updates on what you can do to get more women into public office.
  • Your name will be listed as a Founders Fund member on the ParityYEG website.

You can join the Founders Fund as well as buy your membership when you get your ticket for this event online. You can also join the Founders Fund in person at the event.

Please consider supporting this important cause.


Founders Fund


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Thank you for supporting us as we work to bring gender parity to politics and public office in YEG!